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Robinson Brown Design Inc

Robinson Brown Design Inc. At Robinson Brown Design, science transforms into art as our spaces evoke a reaction from the five senses as unique as the eyes that are looking at them. The synergy created between people, physical elements and senses is what we refer to as “The Nature of Space.”

As one of today’s foremost design firms, we specialize in hospitality and high-end residential design. Both David Robinson and Cynthia Brown are positioned among the industry’s most innovative and accomplished designers, leading a forward-thinking team in creating iconic custom spaces.

We don’t feel limited by what exists, we make it. Much of the work is custom and driven by our facination with creating the perfect piece. Not just furniture, but also lighting, color, acoutsitcs and new technologies that influence emotion and ambiance.

Based in La Jolla, California, Robinson Brown was intended from the beginning to remain small and focused with the primary desire to provide clients with the highest quality service. Our wide-ranging design portfolio includes hotels, restaurants, high-end residential, commercial & industrial, as well as corporate interiors.

The team’s diverse background in architecture and artistry, as well as our unique size and style, differentiates us from others. Ongoing collaborations with other artisans and craftsmen give each project a distinctive finish that is a synthesis of form, texture, color, light and sound.

Robinson Brown Design Inc. - Interior Design San Diego - Restaurants, Hotels & Resorts, Residential and Commercial